I’m Madelyn Tavarez and I am a software engineer at Pinterest and the creator of ScholarAhead. I am also an ambassador for TECHNOLOchicas and am very passionate about our mission to bring more young Latinas into tech.

I started my journey into technology and programming in 2015 and never looked back. To me, programming is a means to creation, a way to bring the things you love and that you wish existed, into the world and into the hands of others. It is a way to change the world, or at least, make it a little better.

On my free time, I enjoy:

  • building passion projects like my Youtube channel where I teach others how to break into tech
  • teaching intro to code classes at local community centers
  • creating video courses
  • being an ambassador for women and minorities in technology
  • mentoring women
  • exploring new initiatives and side projects
  • dancing
  • reading/learning
  • and of course, traveling the world. 

I created this site in order to finally start sharing the things I am learning, building and contributing to. I also wanted a central place I could point people to if they are curious about me and the things I am currently/have worked on.

This site is a work in progress, or as we say, in permanent Beta!